Hello, my name is Tracy Benjamin. I am a forever paper & pen person (got that from my Mom) and I am absolutely obsessed with handwriting.

My Everyday Life Week 19 of 2023- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com

In 2017, I read the book Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life because I wanted to get better at journaling but my handwriting/cursive really bugged me. The truth is, my perfectionism prevented me from getting everything out onto paper because I was stuck focusing on how much I didn’t like how my handwriting looked or how much I hated the pen I was using.

Here’s a quote from the book that got me:

In an attempt to change my life, I started practicing my handwriting on my blog, Shutterbean, by lettering a quote/saying for my weekly column- I LOVE LISTS. From there I got myself a P.O. Box and invited my readers to become pen pals. All of the practice sending/receiving mail led me to create my own shop where I sold prints, stickers, and workbooks (Food Journals, Currently Workbook, Intentions for the Week ).

To say that handwriting has greatly improved my life is an understatement!

What’s more, the creative practice and the community I built supported me through the death of my mother and gave me an outlet for healing and working through grief.

My intention for this space is to encourage you to practice your handwriting (through art, calendar management & self-reflection) so you too can leave a trail of magic in the world.

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